What are the parking options?

Please see http://wayhome.com/passes/ for a list of the parking options available. Parking passes are for day use ONLY. No overnight parking. All lots must be cleared every night by 2 am.

If you are camping you may park 1 normal sized car on your site. A normal sized car is defined as anything smaller than a 12-passenger van.

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    Hello, I notice you have day parking. What is overnight options? I've bought my ticket for the entire event, and will be driving from Toronto, and will be camping on-site as I did last year with my friends.

    I assume I've not looked hard enough for detail on overnight/weekend parking, as surely it can't be assumed the ticket purchasers will be leaving every night after enjoying the concert, where the OPP will be eagerly waiting. That would be terribly careless of the organizers to put ticket purchasers in a situation like that.

    Do please let me know what the overnight parking options are for those that have bought weekend passes, and not single day, day-time passes.

    Thank you!


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